Rajasthan High Court Ruling!

Rajasthan High Court rules against MARB, stating it lacks authority for retrospective admission cancellations. The decision affects four medical colleges, including Geetanjali Medical College. MARB can only recommend prospective disallowance to the NMC. The court criticizes MARB's insufficient notice process and questions the revocation of permission letters for UG and PG courses.

By Vineet Pandey (NEET Expert, ClasstoCollege)

Rajasthan High Court Asserts Students’ Right to Uninterrupted Medical Education.

In a groundbreaking judgment, the Rajasthan High Court has protected the integrity of medical education by declaring that the Medical Assessment & Rating Board | NMC (MARB) lacks the authority to retrospectively cancel admissions to medical colleges.

Accordingly, the case centered around MARB’s 2022 decision to cancel student admissions in four medical colleges in Rajasthan. Justice Arun Monga, in a detailed judgment, invoked Sections 26(1)(f) and 26(2) to assert that MARB can only recommend prospective disallowance or reduction of admissions to the National Medical Commission (NMC).

The court addressed the cases collectively, including Geetanjali Medical College, Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences, Ananta Charitable Educational Society, Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences, and American International Management Ltd. The judgment applies uniformly, ensuring justice to all stakeholders.

The court looked closely at MARB’s decision to send a warning notice after a surprise visit. The subsequent revocation of letters of permission for UG and PG courses in 2021-22, citing insufficient explanations from the colleges, drew strong criticism. The court empathetically noted the impact on students’ ongoing education.

Finally, the court emphasized the need for regulatory bodies to strike a balance between maintaining educational standards and ensuring inclusivity. It warned against making quick decisions and advised a careful approach when using regulatory authority.

Court’s Verdict: A Win for Educational Continuity

The court, while nullifying MARB’s orders, granted the affected students the right to continue their education. The ad-interim orders passed earlier by the High Court were made absolute in protecting students. However, the court granted MARB and NMC the liberty to initiate fresh proceedings against colleges if found lacking in necessary facilities.

This judgment by the Rajasthan High Court is a significant victory for students, emphasizing the importance of due process and protecting the continuity of their medical education. It sends a powerful message about the need for fair decision-making in regulatory actions, ensuring a balance between maintaining standards and inclusivity in medical training.


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